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Consult with your Physician before starting any Workout or Change of diet.  You  undertake these exercises and/ or Meal Plan at your own risk. Fitness Results May Vary. Discontinue any exercise that causes you pain, severe discomfort, nausea, dizziness, or shortness of breath and consult a medical expert. Start slowly and at the level that is appropriate for you. Not all exercise/ Meal  plans are suitable for everyone. By accepting this Meal Plan you are agreeing to the terms that you will NOT share, duplicate for resale or resale what is purchased from Gron Pholks Body or the online information obtained through email or website on Internet Page for personal or business profit. Doing so will result in Legal action. Gron Pholks Body Healthy Eating Meal Plan DO NOT SHARE, COPY, OR RESALE  ©2009- 2018 Gron Pholks Body LLC. All Rights Reserved.

 The height of culinary artistry starts with nature’s palate. Ingredients are meant to be enjoyed when at their ripest and freshest in the heart of the season.Healthy eating is a must in today’s society.  With all of the problems involved with various illnesses, we all need a support system to achieve this goal — you are not alone. Everyone is always looking for quick weight loss programs. We offer the best in quick weight loss management.  We coach in weight management and offer the best meal & Workout plans around.
Let Me Tell You a Little about My Self.....

I am a Life Coach, Food Specialist and a Breast Cancer Survivor. During three of my pregnancies I endured having gestational diabetes.  In 2009, two years  after giving birth to my last child, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. After four surgeries and various Chemotherapy rounds, I Survived!Still, I had to make many  changes in my life physically and emotionally. I became a Life coach then attended  Culinary School became ServSafe Certified and started on my course for an even healthier life and helping people live better. 100pounds lighter, I have gained a new outlook on life.

My goal is to help others and through my weight management  program to become healthier, stronger in mind and body and avoid a lot of problems that can be simply avoided with simple lifestyle changes. I will work with you on a weekly basis. You will learn how to prepare your food, set goals, exercise and maintain all the great things you will accomplish. Join Gron Pholks Body  today for healthier and better life.

Here at  Gron Pholks Body, we provide weight loss consultations. We Prepare Meal Plans for Weight Loss, Diabetics, Cancer Patients,  High Cholesterol Patients and Hypertension Patients. We also conduct healthy lifestyle cooking classes, private chef services and a plethora of healthy lifestyle services.

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"Eat The Food You Like, While  Losing the Pounds You Don't & Getting Healthy. "